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Jmd Erfahrung mit Pioglitazon?

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Pioglitazon ist ein Medikament, dass ursprünglich zur Behandlung von Insulinresistenz oder Diabetes entwickelt wurde. Studien zeigen jedoch, dass neben der Verbesserung des Blutzuckers und der Insulinresistenz das Medikament auch stark entzündungshemmende Eigenschaften hat.

Es gibt sogar eine Studie in Bezug auf psoriasis athritis

"Results. After 12 weeks, six of 10 patients met the PsARC. The ACR20 response was achieved in five patients. The mean percentage reduction in PASI was 38%, with a clinically meaningful PASI 50 response in two of six patients. Median tender joint count (interquartile range) decreased from 12.0 (8.0–18.0) to 4.0 (2.0–10.0), and the median swollen joint count from 5.0 (4.0–8.0) to 2.0 (1.0–7.0) (P<0.05 for both). Median Health Assessment Questionnaire score changed from 1.0 (0.375–1.375) to 0.75 (0.375–1.0) (P<0.05). Three patients had to be withdrawn from the study due to inefficacy and side-effects. Major side-effects were oedema of the lower extremities and increase in weight.

Conclusions. Treatment with a PPARγ agonist appears to be a promising therapeutic principle in PsA, but the use of PPARγ ligands might be limited by side-effects such as increase in weight and fluid retention."




Insbesondere für Leute mit einer Insulinresistenz oder Diabetes 2 könnte das ganze ja interessant sein.



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