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Hope you will help??


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My name is Anna, I'am from poland, but currently I'am working and studying in London.I've tried to find some Informations about psoriasis here, but the only thing i've found was couple of Clinics.

I'am realy interested in going to Turkey(or somwhere else) for the "health holidays" and as far as I know, in Germany you have some travel agencies occupied with this.

I would be very gratefull if somebody will send me informations about it.:):)

We have some Polish "Psoriasis Forum", quite similar to yours, but there is nobody who has concrete informations about any sanatorium at the dead sea.( at least i don't konow anybody who was there):)

Fortunately I've foud your webside, and i think that if you would help me, than i can help myself and many other people in Poland.

It is realy NICE to feel that I'am not alone, and all over the World there are people, who trying to live with "IT "and are not giving up!

PS. I do understand a bit german language but it is

easier for me to comunicate in english:)Hope it's not

a big problem:):):)


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Guest nurkurz3

Dear Anna,

it is nice to have a foreign guest in the forum.

Staying in London, you should have a look

at www.psoriasis-help.org.uk/ which is a

"P"-Community over the channel (from our point

of view).

Here are some people who have tried the

"Kangal-fish" therapy or are travelling frequently

to Israel for "health-holidays". I'm sure, they

will give you some of the information you asked for.

Meanwhile you should have a look at the sections

"Kangal & die Fische" "Totes Meer" and "Urlaub im Süden"

which cover the holiday-aspects...

If you have trouble with the German language, please

feel free to ask...there'll be always someone pleased

to help with the translation.

>It is realy NICE to feel that I'am not alone, and all over >the World there are people, who trying to live >with "IT "and are not giving up!

That's for sure ;-)

All the best

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Hi Nurkurz!!

Thanks for some pleasant words. For me it is also nice to be guest on your forum:):):)

Im gratefull to all of forum users who alredy have send me some infos:):)i will check them as soon as posiible!

And in the meantime, i will try to get through your topics step by step,reading usfull informations.

I would like to ask all those, who have been on "healh holidays"at dead sea to write me couple words about this

treatment.Does it really help so much???:):)

Do not hasitate to write in german if english is a problem!

Many greetings!!!!

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Willkommen in der Community für Menschen mit Schuppenflechte und Psoriasis arthritis. Ohne Werbung, ohne Tracking, aber mit ganz viel Herz 💛

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