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Ubiquinone or coenzyme 10 for psoriasis


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Hello friends!

This is my first, only and last posting here.

I dont speak german, so I write You in english.

I must tell someone my experience and I choose You.

My son's girlfriend is seriously affected by psoriasis and disabling psoriatic arthritis, and so I understand your problems! For this reason I feel with psoriatics.

Here in Slovenia I noticed in two cases that coenzyme 10 or Ubiquinone helps healing in psoriasis. One case is this girl, Helena, a 22 years old girl with severe psoriatic mutilating arthritis. She is receiving medrol and metothrexate. Without effect. She was severely affected and there was no efect - improvement on therapy. A disaster!! On my advice She tried Ubiquinone 2-3 capsules daily and her skin is now OK and also arthritis is much better. A change Like day and night.

Another case is one my colleague at job. Only his skin was affected. On my advice he tried coenzyme10, 1 capsule daily, and his skin is now OK.

Coenzyme 10 can be found in Apotheke without prescription, and here it costs about 1 dem per capsule. I advice you to try it regularly for one month, 3 capsules daily. And if it works thanks God.

The drug is a normal body constituent and can be taken indefinitely. It is dimished normally by aging in your body after 30 years.

PS: Why I posted on Your forum?

Because I like BMW cars and so I feel sympatiy for germany.

Try it and if It works continue.

Boris fom Ljubljana!

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Guest greeky

Hi Boris...!

Thank you very much for your thread about your personal experiences with psoriasis.

I personally don't have any experiences with your quoted medicines, but for all people in our community it is also interesting to know which kind of medicine is available and helpful for people concerning psoriasis...

Be sure, that I will "google" for your tips the next days... :-)

Yes, you are right, this is mainly a forum in german language, but psoriasis is a human problem, not a local one.

Therefore I am sure, that your know-how will be interesting for everyone here...

And maybe you will also be able to post some appropriate links about your described medicals here.

And therefore I am also a little bit confused about your opinion, that this posting will be "your first, last and only one".

As long as you don't want to post for commercial purposes only, you are welcome here at any time and your english postings will never be a barrier...

Just feel free to post your recommendations, as everything is desired, which will help us all...

Unfortunately, I'm not able to send you a brandnew BMW... *g*

With friendly regards


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I am sorry because my post was a couse of your confusion. It was my only intention with it that it is my intention only to expose the facts and not to discute them.

Now you provoked me and so I will tell you, for excuse, how I went to coenzyme in psoriatics.

This girl, is very nice and young, and suffers in silence, but her arthritis is very painfull and her hand joints are deformed and she is student at chemistry faculty. She was a top-level athlete before. She is taking immunosupressive medicines that have side effects. Opportunistic infections and cancer (lymphoma) are the most important.


Ubiquinone is the first line of defence against cancer developement. It is situated in cel mitochondria and it is hunting free radicals that damage DNA. With aging ubiquinone diminishes in our body.

Also, psoriasis is autoimmune disease and so it is more frequent in adults and this indicate in my opinion progressive genetic damage from free radicals.

Life is like a fire. It produces smoke and ash. And this latter in our life are free radicals. And ubiquinone is defence against them.

And then it worked! It a miracle now. Her skin is quite OK and she can wear bathing trunks again. Her arthritis is better. The difference is now like day and night.

I have mag sci and dr sci, but I have no time to investigate on a larger group and to publish it in medical reviews. And I am not in the contact with a larger group of psoriatics. Her in Slovenia there is no link WWW with psoriatic community and so I tried with Germany.

I dont need any personal merits. I want only to help and to embellish your life. It is enoug for me, because I was touched in my heart by this girl thet suffered in silence unbearable joint pains and she smiled and answered always that she is OK.

Be well my friends and try it, dont be stupid. If it works, continue with it.

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Willkommen in der Community für Menschen mit Schuppenflechte und Psoriasis arthritis. Ohne Werbung, ohne Tracking, aber mit ganz viel Herz 💛

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